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  • I learned about many fascinating topics in HE+ sessions

    HE+ Student, Hampshire consortium

  • HE+ has made me excited at the prospect of studying at university.

    HE+ Student, Hampshire consortium

  • The extension classes gave me the chance to learn lots of new skills

    HE+ Student, Herefordshire Consortium

  • HE+ has really helped me to develop my subject skills

    HE+ Student, Huddersfield Consortium

  • HE+ really helped to dispel my fears about applying to university

    HE+ Student, Manchester Consortium

  • Taking part in HE+ has broadened my knowledge and boosted my confidence

    HE+ Student, Rotherham Consortium

  • I would recommend HE+ to anyone who wants to apply to a top university

    HE+ Student, Rotherham Consortium

  • The HE+ experience was excellent - it has really widened my subject interests!

    HE+ Student, Stourbridge Consortium

  • HE+ has truly inspired me - I loved it!

    HE+ Student, Swansea Consortium