Nature-Society Relations

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The relationship between nature (i.e. the non-human world) and society (the human world) has long fascinated Geographers. The following blog is written by Chris Sandbrook, a Geographer at the University of Cambridge. It is a really useful blog to explain some of the different relationships that exist between nature and humans:

The following resources will help you to understand the relationship between nature and society, but feel free to do some wider research too. By the very nature of the topic, you are part of nature-society relations. Does nature make an important contribution to your life? Would it make your life worse if the natural environment was destroyed? Or perhaps you live in a big urban area and feel removed from nature?

The last point is a particularly strong reason why Geographers are interested in nature-society relations. Look at the following link:
Urbanisation is occurring rapidly throughout the world. Many would argue that this is separating us from the natural environment, and forcing us to be out of touch with nature. Geographers are interested in how nature-society relationships can best function to create a sustainable world. To do this, the resources will look at several types of relationships between human and nature, before questioning whether modern technology is changing the relationship forever.