Italian: The Vespa

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Visually Italy is a very easy country to picture, thanks to its many icons that have created a varied but very rich identity.
In many ways one can talk about Italy in terms of a visual superpower. In many fields like visual art, design, fashion, architecture, very few other countries can compete with Italy’s richness, variety, and most importantly, highly identifiable style.
It is not by chance that most of the Italian success stories not only in design are also objects that contribute to the enjoyment of life: cars, coffee machines, clothes and accessories, not to mention fabulous food and wine.
Buying an Italian design object is like buying a license to live with style and flair.
If we take the Vespa scooter, it is quite easy to recognize in it many of the features that are generally identified with the Italian style: innovation, beauty, attention to detail, use of quality material, craftsmanship, in other words, a pleasure to look at and to use.

When Vespa was first created, it was meant as a practical, easy to use and sensibly priced vehicle that would enable the Italian population, just out of the horrific experience of WWII, to travel freely and to move about for work and leisure.

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