Family Law

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This resource concerns the family law case of Vince v Wyatt, also known as Wyatt v Vince. The case involved a poverty-stricken new age traveller turned multi-millionaire, Mr Vince, whose former wife, Ms Wyatt, appeared years after their divorce to claim a share of his subsequently-acquired wealth. The Supreme Court’s judgment in the case caused much media interest because it allowed Ms Wyatt to proceed with her claim, but it also raises an important point of legal principle.

The learning objectives include understanding what the case was about and why the Supreme Court reached the conclusion that it did, considering the broader implications of the case, and evaluating whether the case was correctly decided.

The area of relief on divorce, like Family Law generally, raises controversial and emotive issues. It is the role of a Law student to try to evaluate the issues objectively, with reference to the applicable legal principles and policy objectives.


Watch Dr Brian Sloan from the Faculty of Law guide you through this case below:

In 2017, Dr Sloan filmed a follow up video looking at how this case has progressed: