Tort Law

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Tort law is a collection of legal rules and ideas to protect you from harm and vindicates many of your rights but you probably haven't heard of it that much unless you've already looked at legal questions. The most famous tort is negligence, one you might have heard of. In this module you'll look at a case within the tort of negligence called Nettleship v Weston from 1971. The key question in the case was how much care the driver of a car should take when driving on the road. From such a simple question you'll be able to engage with incredibly difficult issues such as what it means to be at fault, what risks we actually accept compared to what risks we do accept in life and who ultimately should pay for harm done in society. You can also read one of the judgments of one of the twentieth century's most famous and most fascinating judges! The case is publicly available on the website of the British and Irish Legal Information Institute,, in this case specifically at: There are three worksheets with questions for you to consider, which can be done alongside the videos and the case. There are also three further documents, containing more depth and detail on the videos themselves, in case you find text more useful than videos.