Pharmaceutical Chemistry

This page is brilliant in setting out what drug discovery is and which aspects are important. It emphasises the importance of specific manipulation of a drug to selectively bind its target and the challenges associated with this. It asks one aspect of what makes a good drug emphasising the importance of hydrogen bonds and solubility which highlights a key point in drug chemistry of bioavailability. I found the part on enantiomers particularly interesting and the lesson learnt here that we don't ever know the full story and that science is consistently learning from its mistakes. This emphasises the importance of clinical trials to ensure safety in patients.

Further reading.

This resource addresses the physical principles of drug interactions and highlights the key studies of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics that underlie the biochemistry of a drug:

This resource takes you through a step-by-step clinical evaluation of the poisoned patient and how you would work out which drug affected them and how to treat them to counteract this:

This resource delves in deeper to the human phases of clinical trials and relates drug discovery to their real-world implications i.e. chemotherapy for cancer:

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